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Nobody's Life is Perfect

Have you ever looked at someone and assumed they had a perfect life? Well, if you have, I can guarantee you one thing: THEY DON’T!! I can confidently say that without even knowing who it is, because nobody’s life is perfect! Jesus said in John 16:33, “In the world, ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” That means that you, me and everyone else in this world will have things to deal with that complicate our lives. No one and I mean no one is exempt.

Around three years ago, I was sent off to a different worksite for training. I was pregnant but not even showing yet. Right in the middle of my first day of training class, the trainer stopped abruptly, looked at me and said, “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?” I looked at her puzzled wondering how in the world she knew. Then I looked down at all the snacks I had sprawled all over my desk—dead give-away! I was clearly already eating for two! Lol.

The trainer and I started talking during lunches and breaks about my pregnancy, our families, and life in general. After numerous talks and discussions, I felt comfortable to share with her that I was separated from my husband. She looked at me in disbelief and said, “Wow! I thought your life was perfect!”

Me? Perfect Life? Yeah right!!!!

How many times do we look at someone and just assume that because one or two things (that we can see with our natural eyes) in their life was going so well, that they have no worries or issues at all? We even envy them a little sometimes. Well, let me tell you—nobody’s life is perfect! Dr. Richard L. Jordan, the pastor who taught me from my youth into adulthood, always used to say that "we are all either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or going into a storm." At some point in everyone’s life, we all go through something we wish we could escape. BUT, the key is how you respond while you’re going through.

The side view mirror of vehicles has the following engraving: “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.”

Translation: It’s not exactly how it looks! It may seem like someone has the perfect life, because they make a certain amount of money, live in a big beautiful home or dress a certain way, but the reality is that no matter how good someone’s life may seem in your eyes, that person also has or has had something going on in their life they wish they didn’t have to deal with. That person making good money may have health issues. That person with the big beautiful home may be lonely. That person who dresses nice may have self-esteem issues. People who appear to have it all, actually do not have a perfect life.

Even though nobody’s life is perfect, it doesn’t mean we can’t walk around with our heads held high, a smile on our face, and embrace the things that are going well for us.

Shortly after I separated from my husband, I found out that we were pregnant with my first child. Any sadness or anger that I felt about my marriage was overshadowed by the joy of knowing that a little person was growing inside of me. On the surface, I appeared to have it all together. I was still wearing my wedding ring at that point (causing some people to assume that I was happily married). I had a positive upbeat attitude about life. I kept a smile on my face (because I smile a lot anyway), and I wasn’t complaining about my situation to any and everyone I encountered. Even though being separated while pregnant was not what I had pictured for myself, I chose to embrace the good and it showed.

So maybe that’s why my trainer thought my life was perfect. She looked at a few things she could see about my life and didn’t realize there was more to my story that she couldn’t see. I couldn’t let her believe that lie that I had a perfect life, and you shouldn’t believe that lie about anyone either! Nobody’s life is perfect, but whatever state your life is currently in, it’s always the perfect time for you to FLOURISH!


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